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This morning I cut out all the pieces for a new summer dress, and then I was tired so I didn’t do much else. But I felt cheerful so that’s ok. Maybe I can start sewing tomorrow.

My endocrinologist got back to me about my cortisol results: not low, so not Addison’s. A little high, but that’s to be expected for someone who’s not getting enough calories, so not Cushing’s. So that’s good! Still waiting for the results of an special thyroid test, so maybe that will provide answers. 100 lbs today.

We finally got caught up on the shows we missed while Dave was out of town and my laptop was in the shop. Omg this series of Taskmaster is So Good! The shoe task. Little Alex Horne’s Stag Minute. Lololol!

Survivor is great too, especially after re-watching season 30 (blue collar, white collar, no collar), in which nearly every contestant was loathesome and, after Jenn and Joe went home, I didn’t want any of them to win. Season 42 is full of intelligent, likeable people and I’ll be pleased no matter who wins.

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