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Drove over to visit Henry and all! Lulu has Nature Preschool on Tue-Wed-Thu mornings but is at a Loose End on Monday and Friday. It’s so nice to spend time with them in their new home! I took a backpack full of picture books to read to her, and we watched some YouTube amd hung out. Wonderful!

Came home around noon totally exhausted and did pleasant nothing for the rest of the day. Got into a conversation with a twitter friend about one of my favorite movies, Holiday (1938, Grant and Hepburn) and realized I only had a crappy VHS rip, so I dl‘d a nice blu-ray rip and began another viewing.

In the evening we got caught caught up on Taskmaster (13 is a great season!) and Survivor (42, also great!). The cast is so likable! Really good players, too. There are 6 left and we will be happy no matter who wins.

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