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Last night I had the most horrible insomnia. I was SO TIRED and turned my light off at 10pm, hoping for ten hours of sleep, but lay there till at least 1am, feeling as if I’d drunk a bucket of coffee. And then I woke up at 7am. Ugh. I was blaming my newly-increased dose of Remodulin (insomnia is a rare side effect, but women over 50 who’ve been on it for more than 2 years are the ones who get it) but then I noticed that last night’s dose of mirtazapine was on the floor by my bed. It must have flown out of my hand when I took my bedtime handful of pills. So that explains it. *eyeroll*

Today I took a shower and re-dyed my teal-blue forelock. And I finished My Brother Rabbit. And… that’s it. Oh, I also sat out in the sun for a while. It was a lovely day, 70° and sunny. Perfect.

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