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Did I mention that my pulmonologist is letting me increase my dose of remodulin again? I’m up to 68 ng/kg/min. I was at 40 this time last year. I felt really good today and I’m hoping it’s not a coincidence.

When I got up this morning I felt like doing something, so I went to a little nursery a few blocks away and bought seedlings. Two kinds of cherry tomatoes, pole beans, sweet white onions, marigolds, and strawberries. I took them home and then realized that I forgot to stop and get some garden tools and bamboo stakes, so I zipped back out to Ace for those. Then I rested a bit, and then I planted everything! The onions and marigolds are to keep away pests (I read that somewhere…) Pics soon.

Then rested for a while and chatted with Dave, and then I suddenly got the desire to play my uke! Tuned up and ran through some of my collection of uke-friendly tunes. I keep a collection in my dropbox. Dave says I have a lovely singing voice *heart eyes*

Dinner: crusty baguette with cold butter curls (use your veggie peeler) and some green olives.

It’s 9pm now and I’m… not exhausted. What is this magical miracle? Perhaps tomorrow I can SEW!

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