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Lulu is much much better this morning, thank goodness, and Henry is only mildly ill. *whew* Got right up in the morning and went to the drugstore and the grocery store to buy supplies for them: tylenol in various forms, some all-natural cough syrup, various yummy fresh fruits, cheese, kefir, and ice cream. I delivered them carefully by leaving the bag on the doorstep, then waiting in my car till they popped out so we could wave. Lulu was running around in her undies and looking quite chipper. Henry told me later that her temperature is back to normal, yay!

Then on the way home I went to our AMAZING fabric store and bought some bag-making supplies because I’m tired of storing all my meds in a drawstring bag and a cardboard box,

When I got home I rested for a bit and then I made a zippered pouch for my Remodulin supplies. I followed this excellent tutorial: I followed the dimensions for the larger bag but made a goof! The instructions are for the medium bag, which is cut at 11×8, so when it says to attach the zipper to the 11” side, she means the long side. My bag was cut at 14×11, so of course my 11” was the short side! D’oh! So my zipper runs the short way around my bag. Well, it’s still cute and functional. It’s little too small to hold my supplies perfectly, so tomorrow I plan to make one that’s maybe 16×11 and use this one as a project bag or something.

I did a lot today!

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  1. Soozan

    Great news all around! So much good news. I needed that. xoxoxox

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