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I did things today again! Made smoothies for breakfast, did a few days’ worth of washing up, decluttered the living room so the roomba could vacuum, and started sewing another zippered box pouch! I decided to piece this one together from leftover quilt fabric.

Here you see front and back attached to the zipper. I added a little zippered front pocket too. I’ll be using it for my remodulin supplies, so I decided it would be nice to have a pocket for the small stuff that tends to sink to the bottom, such as extra pump and batteries. Now I’m thinking of adding a second zippered pocket to the other side for alcohol wipes…

While I sewed I got almost caught up on the official Taskmaster podcast. Such fun!

Here’s Lulu in her little summer dress. The fabric has the rabbits from “Guess How Much I Love You” printed on it — a gift from Elli. <3

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