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I finished my zipper pouch! It was so much fun and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. My remodulin supplies fit in beautifully with room to spare. I added two exterior zipper pockets, one for the pump and spare batteries, and one for alcohol wipes.

Top down:

Next to my previous bag for contrast (note zipper running the short way lol)

For reference, I cut the pieces of this one at 16×12“, and boxed out the corners at 2“ (slightly less on the exterior, slightly more for the lining.

Dave and I spent a few hours watching great documentaries this afternoon. A couple episodes of the new Attenborough (Prehistoric Planet), the second ep of the new Jim Al-Kahlili (Secrets of Size) plus an ep of an older Al-Khalili doc, “The Beginning and End of the Universe”. I have a big collection of his docs — he’s one of my favorite BBC presenters. He is brisk and passionate, doesn’t dumb things down too much, and he’s obviously a brilliant physicist. If you can find ANY of his docs on YouTube I highly recommend!

Forgot to say — we finished season 42 of Survivor last night, and the person who I was rooting for the most won! WTG Mary Ann! What an excellent season it was. I hope they make a habit of casting Decent Humans from now on, too.

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  1. Kathy

    I love how that turned out and the fresh beautiful colors look so cheerful!

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