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Forgot to take photos of Doll! Maybe tomorrow. I sewed her a sunbonnet tonight, which is a little bit small because the pattern was drafted for a doll with painted hair. I’ll redraw the pattern and make her next bonnet big enough to fit nicely over her braids.

Went to UPS this morning to ship the spider socks to mom and return yet another bad medication pump. Safeway was nearby so I hopped in to get ingredients for a creamy lemon pie I just read about, and made it when I got home. Basically lemon juice, condensed milk, and whipped cream. We haven’t tried it yet but how bad could it be? Lol.

And THEN I made a big batch of scalloped potatoes! My first time using that recipe and it turned out great! Dave was thrilled to have a lovely cheesy potato dish to eat with his dinner.

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