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Nurse Adam from my palliative care team came over for a visit today. He’s working on getting me some oxygen tanks to use if we have a power outage. He always checks to make sure my docs are following up and doing what they say they will. Such a kind fellow.

Chloe told me about an online pharmacy that sells drugs at a reasonable price (15% above cost) so I’m working on getting them to supply the drugs that my insurance company won’t cover (my rosacea cream and an allergy med that is VITAL). Seems totally legit so I’m really excited. They are . Founded by Mark Cuban, billionaire who apparently has a heart and isn’t merely playing space tourist.

I finished the bodice of Doll’s first proper dress. The tiniest, fiddliest pieces you can imagine, all sewn by hand with teeny tiny seams. So much FUN. I think I will need to make a duplicate doll for myself so I can continue making clothes for Lulu’s doll after her birthday (need to custom fit everything).

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  1. Soozan

    Such a good news post! Thanks. I got the whole Thursday puz but it doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.

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