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Well today was QUITE a day!

Up early to go to the OHSU medical center for a chest echo and labs. Labs came back showing all my thyroid levels to be nearly off the charts, so maybe they will finally believe me that this is all a thyroid problem and actually do something about it.

When I got home poor Dave was dragging around looking weak and sick, poor fellow. I’ve been smelling gas on and off since we moved in so I checked the symptoms of natural gas poisoning and they matched him pretty well, so I finally convinced him to call the gas company about it. They sent a guy out within half an hour who found multiple gas leaks all through our house. Like, every coupling is leaking. Argh. The Gas Man said it’s harmless to breathe… but I dunno if I believe that. He turned off the mains and we have a company scheduled for next week to come fix it all.

Meanwhile Dave was dizzy and weak and wobbly and headachy and numb and nauseated and body achy and all… so (again) I finally convinced him to call the Kaiser nurse. He went over all his symptoms and she said go to the ER, so I took him in. As we were driving and going over his symptoms again he realized that it was all matching how he felt when he had bouts of DVT (deep vein thrombosis), and when we got there and they examined him they noticed that a wound on his ankle was looking infected too. (He’s diabetic and often has wounds that take forever to heal) I hung out with him in his ER cubicle until I got tired and came home. He’s there overnight, thank goodness, where they can take good care of him.

Why won’t men take care of their health *before* it’s an emergency? He has been suffering for a week or ten days and I’ve been begging him to see a doctor! They x-rayed and CT scanned him and gave him antibiotics and I don’t know what else happened after I left.

Tell you what, though, it was refreshing to be in an ER and not be the patient! This is only his second ER visit since we met, but I’ve had four. But who’s counting? Heheh.

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