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I managed to do a few things today. I set up my new vermicompost system ( and went to Portland Nursery, which is absolutely Disneyland for gardeners. My god, it goes on and on and on. Houseplants and gardening gear, of course, but also row after row of every imaginable flower, groundcover, shrub, vegetable, fruit tree, berry bush, rose bush, etc etc etc. I ran out of energy before walking through it all! I was very restrained and bought only my worms, two tiny houseplants (Crispy Wave ferns), and an envelope of mixed good-insect-attracting flower seeds, which I strewed over the lawn where a big patch of buttercups has grown during No Mow May. Hoping some of them will take. We had a gentle rain later so I’m hopeful.

Oh I also stopped at Ace for tomato cages because they cost half as much as at the nursery (sorry but $20/cage is too much!)

Then I caged my tomatoes and my zucchini, and filled another grow-bag with soil to plant something in later. Not sure what. My peas look really wimpy so maybe I’ll rip them out and try again. I have a packet of carrot seeds too.

And THEN I worked on Em’s birthday dress and made great progress! Can probably finish tomorrow if I have the stamina.

And then around 5pm I’d had enough and crawled into bed.

Dave had an angiogram on his leg today and they fixed his circulation issues! Hooray! We had a quick phone call but the connection was terrible and I could only understand about half of what he said (come on boomer, get comfy with texting) but he sounded great (if exhausted). He’s hoping to come home soon — if not tomorrow, maybe Monday. Oh man I hope so.

The house is so quiet and dull without his cheerful chatter. Hurry home sweet Dave <3

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  1. Kathy

    Best wishes for a quick and full recovery to Dave!

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