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When Dave is home I can fall back asleep if I wake up too early. When he’s away, I can’t. So yeah. Permanently tired. I visited him again and he looks/sounds great! He’s hoping to come home tomorrow, fingers crossed.

On the way home I stopped at our little local nursery (plants in a parking lot) and bought some more seedlings — strawberries, green beans and cukes. Also a potted fern.

Got home in time for appointment with Gas Man #3, who needed a closer look at all our Issues before writing up a proposal. Sounds like he has a good plan. I hope the estimate is reasonable. We’ve been without hot water for a whole week! Tomorrow I plan to heat some water in the electric kettle and have a bit of a wash, and I can wash my hair in cold water in the kitchen sink, if the weather stays lovely and warm. Summer has finally arrived.

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