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Oof still hot but “only” 95°. Surprising what a difference those five degrees make, but it’s still brutally hot and I need to be very careful not to overheat.

Up eatly because the Gas Man started repairs today at 8! Oh man, there’s just nothing like a summer morning, just before it gets hot. The air is damp and warm, and the fragrance of growing things is practically tangible. And then omg summer nights, after the sun goes down and the air is thick and smells like hot plants. I would have slept outside last night but after a few minutes sitting and enjoying the air, I remembered there’s such a thing as mosquitoes and I am DELICIOUS. Wonder where you can buy a mosquito net…

I did a little Trader Joe’s trip in the morning before it got hot out, and then just lay quietly on my bed for the rest of the day with my feet elevated and the fans pointed at me. In the afternoon when it got up to 95°, I soaked my cotton seersucker dressing gown in cold water and draped it over me. Who needs AC when you’ve got evaporation?

(Well, Dave does, but alas our AC is ineffective. But it’s ok with me because I loathe AC anyway. So stuffy and artificial)

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