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The Gas Men were here again this morning, banging on stuff. Dave had a look at their work and says they’re doing an excellent job. They might finish tomorrow…

Routine cardiology appt today. He’s letting me lower my dose of Amiodarone back to 100mg — hallelujah! That might help solve my thyroid situation. Also he’s changing my diuretics to something that won’t upset my stomach so much.

Both cardiologists felt my Cold Knees. Both said they’d never seen anything like it. Lol! I hope they name a condition after me. Shallenberg’s Knee.

We finished the Sewing Bee tonight!! So happy that Annie won. That jumpsuit was spectacular, and she’s made a number of other splendid garments through the whole series. I feel like she has improved her skills radically over the run of the season, too.

I’d love a crack at sewing Esme’s Amorphous Dress.

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