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All day — ALL DAY — I was lookimg firward to pasta for dinner, just nice basic spaghetti with sauce out of a jar. (we haven’t had gas to cook with in 17 days). So tonight I fill up my pot, get out my ingredients, and … the stove won’t light.

Great gnashing of teeth!

It doesn’t even click, so I think when the Gas Man shoved it back into place he unplugged it. And certainly no gas is coming through. Our stove doesn’t ignite properly so we need to use a match every time, and if there were any gas around the burner my match would have ignited it.

Dave’s out, at some far-away hardware and/or woodworking store, so it’s microwaved food for dinner again. Cross your fingers that I can have pasta soon.

I don’t remember if I mentioned my medication changes. Endocrinologist is adding T3 to my meds, and cardiologist is letting me cut the amiodarone by half. And he’s switching me to a different diuretic that might not mess with my stomach so badly. Typing these words feels very familiar so I expect this isn’t new information here on Anyway, I’m hoping these changes will alleviate some of my horrible symptoms and I’ll be able to put on some weight. (I’m 98 lbs again)

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