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The whole crew came over around noon, to drop Sal off for her last few days and to hang out. Henry worked, Jayla made important calls, and we all wrangled the children. Exhausting. Heheh. Freyja can boldly take a few steps! And Lulu is wonderful. She tried on the undies I made for her — I thought they’d be too big but they are nearly too small! I’ll go up a size or two and make a batch when the weather is cooler and the guest room is my sewing room again.

Also planning to make a comfy summer outfit for Jayla’s little brother Mikey, who’s about to turn three. She says he likes animals so I’ll try to find a fun animal print cotton jersey at JoAnn’s. That’s the one thing — cotton jersey — that the Good fabric store doesn’t have much of, oddly.

Hot hot hot today. But the nights and mornings are GLORIOUS even when it’s 95° in the daytime.

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