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Mom and I drove over to Henry’s in the morning to pick up her iPad that she’d left behind, and stopped at New Seasons for ratatouille ingredients on the way home.

I actually felt well enough today to chop and cook all those lovely veggies! Ratatouille is a Commitment. So much chopping, and then I partly cook each type of veggie separately before mixing them all together to simmer in a big pot. That way the onion is soft and caramelized, the eggplant is thoroughly cooked, and the peppers and zucchini still have texture. Big job.

Now I’m just sitting on the sofa under the ceiling fan and staying cool. My garden loves this summer weather! My tomatoes are starting to blossom, my pole beans are COVERED with tiny baby beans, the strawberries are starting to blossom, the sunflowers are getting tall and budding, the zucchini grows bigger every day, and I even have a couple of cucumber blossoms! My garden isn’t a FailBoat! (Knock on wood…)

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