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My garden is doing so well that I’m itching to start more veggies for an autumn harvest. Maybe I’ll go to a nursery this weekend and buy some more seeds and soil for my containers.

Finally got to the end of a really terrible audiobook… I don’t want to name the author and title in case she goes ego-surfing and finds me — if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything (in public). Oh my god it was tedious. I had to finish in case it magically improved toward the end; it did not. It got dumber and sillier and more boring! Author’s initials are L. U. and title is L. G. G. This was the second thriller of hers that I’ve read (both terrible) so I give up on her.

Went to Safeway this morning for a few dinner ingredients. Dave had bought some ground lamb and wanted to make lamb burgers with onions and mushrooms with a tossed salad so I bought mushrooms and salad ingredients and we had a great dinner! Two bites of meat for me and half the salad. :D

I still weigh 98lbs. No improvement in my appetite yet.

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