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I still have almost no appetite and am about 25lbs underweight, but I just realized that I’ve recently been interested in cooking again. I’ve gone probably six months without being able to even think about food, so this is a nice change. I made mashed potatoes for dinner last night, and with the leftovers today I made a couple of cottage pies, one for the freezer and one for today. And I ate a small helping, too! I also decided to make a big batch of Kayray’s World-Famous pasta salad so I have lots of ready-made cold food for the upcoming heatwave, and I ate a small helping of that, too. (Recipe is here somewhere, just search for “pasta salad”)

And then Dave had a bowl of pears and cream for pudding (dessert) and I had a little bit too. That’s three things I ate today! Yay me! Maybe the tweaked thyroid meds are finally starting to work?

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  1. Kathy

    That is such good news!

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