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103° today. I’ve been VERY careful not to get overheated. I soak my feet in cold water the minute they feel unpleasantly hot, and I have a wet cloth draped around my neck while I lie like a Victorian maiden on the couch in the breeze of the ceiling fan. All the shades are drawn, so although it’s hot in the house it’s still 15° cooler than outside.

This morning I went to my Pulmonary Rehab appointment with a lovely woman named Michelle. Turns out my insurance will cover an evaluation, but they won’t cover treatment (lulz). Michelle said that’s fine, there’s no reason for me to go to appointments for something I can easily do on my own. She showed me a few simple quick little exercises that I can do while seated, to warm up my heart, lungs, and muscles before I take a 2-minute easy walk. The thought of walking for twenty minutes is intimidating, but two minutes I can do (when it’s cooler)! I’m pleased that I can do something beneficial without straining myself. Very very pleased.

Ate a whole burrito over the course of the day, and a little dish of the nectarine crumble that I made yesterday. It is out of this world, omg. I’ll be making it again asap! And I don’t usually eat the things I bake. Not really into sweets except ice cream sometimes. But oh man. Nectarine crumble. Dude. It has very little added sugar so you mostly just taste nectarine, with a little oaty texture from the crumble. (Crimble-crumble, for you Friday Night Dinner fans :D)

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  1. Kathy

    You have a lot of good strategies which I’m happy to hear about. Maybe you could get a portable air conditioner for the really hot days. Scott has one out in his garage; it doesn’t need a window or anything and it takes the edge off.

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