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Hot, hot, hot. I kept a dishpan of ice water handy all day to soak my feet in.

I’ve figured out a formula for delicious single-serving lemonade! First, make simple syrup, which is one part sugar and one part water, heated until the sugar disolves. So make a batch of simple syrup and keep it in a clean jar or something. When you want lemonade, take your biggest tumbler and fill it halfway with ice. Juice a lemon. Measure the lemon juice as you add it to the ice — I use a tablespoon. Now, nearly fill the glass with cold water and then add simple syrup. The proportions are up to you, so taste as you go. I find that a 1:1.5 proportion is usually good, e.g. four tablespoons of lemon juice to six tablespoons of syrup but I always taste before I add the final spoon of syrup. Some lemons are sourer than others. Stir it up and enjoy!

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