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So freaking hot. Feet in ice water all day and several ice-cold baths (shallow, only an inch or so, not wasting water).

Appointment with Dr Robinson my excellent pulmonologist this afternoon, just a check-in, and I got labs done for my endocrinologist. The results are in — my thyroid hormone levels are edging closer to normal! I still don’t feel hungry and I’m still hovering around 100lbs, but the night sweats are gone thank goodness. Hoping to feel hungry again someday…

I decided that Lulu’s little birthday doll needs some modern clothes, since Lu is not yet obsessed with Laura Ingalls or Betsy Ray, so I made a sloper (which is like a very basic form-fitting pattern from which you can draft any kind of garments) by wrapping the doll’s torso with paper towels and tape, then slitting that mold, flattening it, and tracing it off onto cardstock. And then I drafted a sweet little sleeveless sundress and have been sewing it by hand while watching Gentleman Jack. I also drafted an A-line dress to make next. Who knew my teenage obsession with pattern drafting would pay off? (I don’t have the patience to make custom-drafted patterns for actual humans lol)

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  1. Kathy

    That dress is amazing!

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