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Hot. This can’t last much longer. The weekend will be bad but next week should be lovely. Just gotta survive and not melt till Monday.

Woke up feeling good, so I ran a bunch of errands before the midday heat hit. UPS place to ship back my bad medication pumps, Ace for bird food, Rigoberto’s to grab burritos for lunch, Goodwill to see if I could find some saucers to go under some house plants, post office for stamps, then home. Almost all of those places are on the main street a few blocks from our house so it wasn’t much driving.

I struck gold at the Goodwill! I got a stack of five cute china saucers, four spoons (we never have enough spoons), and a big stock pot, stainless steel with a glass lid, a steamer basket, and a pasta insert. Twenty bucks! SCORE!

In the afternoon I sat down in the cool basement and read my new book (The Other Guest by Helen Cooper), and then I finished sewing the tiny sundress. So cute.

It’s so hot tonight. Gotta go take a cold bath and then continue reading Project Hail Mary to Dave!

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