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The truck arrived, the truck arrived!!! A 53’ truck jammed full of Dave’s Stuff (from his industrial unit in California) — woodworking machines, laser cutters, 3-d printers, music studio stuff (mixing boards etc), ham radio equipment, antennae, wood, and… STUFF. Lots of stuff. A crew of hard-working guys unloaded it all straight into his huge workshop while he supervised. It only took four hours! And now at long last he can stop paying rent on the industrial unit (which was about the same as our mortgage payment lol)!

And now, finally, he has all his tools and can make things again (after he gets organized). He’s a Maker, like me, so I’m thrilled that he has all his equipment again.

We went to bed at 7pm so I’d have time to read the next chapter of Project Hail Mary before we both got too tired. He actually fell asleep partway through (I knew he was asleep when he didn’t poke fun at my American pronunciation of “solder”) but he woke up again after a few minutes and I was able to finish the chapter. The Blip-A has sent a xenonite model indicating a tunnel between ships — I hope this means we get to meet Rocky in the next chapter.

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