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Much cooler today and I had enough energy to do some meal prep for the upcoming weekend heat wave. I defrosted and baked the second half of the cottage pie I made a couple weeks ago, made a Big Salad to keep handy in the fridge, and made a stir-fry with a bunch of the veggies we got in our veg box on Tuesday. Dave raved about the stir-fry, and he’s very happy to have salad ready for light meals. It’s helpful for me to have good food ready in case I ever get hungry, which, to be fair, is happening a bit more frequently. Haven’t put on any weight yet though.

Now I’m working on a little dress with puffed sleeves for Lulu’s doll. SO TINY. I’m finishing every seam with blanket stitch so that Lulu can wash her clothes endlessly without them falling apart. I loved washing my doll’s clothes.

Henry just sent this photo of Freyja’s hair. THE LITTLE STRAWBERRY-BLONDE CURLS omg omg omg. I knew she’d have my hair!

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  1. Kathy

    That sweet little head! And sweet curls!

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