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It’s 8:30pm and I’m in bed all comfy, waiting for Dave to finish a meeting so I can reread the chapter that he slept through last night :D

Let’s see, what did I do today… laundry! I did laundry. I decided it was never going to rain again so it would be a good idea to wash quilts and dry them on a rack outside. But then it rained (only for a few minutes, but more is forecast tonight) so I only washed one and hung it inside. Plus a load of sheets and towels and a load of my stuff. I know it’s time to do laundry when I need to start wearing third-tier undies.

Dave wanted some ground lamb so he can make his own gyros, so we went to an actual butcher near here, but he doesn’t sell ground lamb anymore (too expensive, not enough market) so Dave bought some kind of big lump of lamb meat instead. Lol. Baa. Gross.

Oh! It was pleasant weather, only mid-80s, and Henry brought my big bags of compost in from my car on the weekend so I did some gardening! I filled up one of my huge grow bags and started a tomato cutting, and started thyme and cilantro in a smaller bag. I’ve been having trouble with my zucchini because the male fowers and female flowers haven’t bloomed at the same time so the fruits never form properly. Dave suggested harvesting the male flowers and putting them in the fridge to artificially pollinate the females when they bloom, and I think it might have worked. I have two little zukes that seem to have passed the stage where, if unpollinated, they turn yellow and drop off. Fingers crossed. Next year I need to plant two or three at once.

I also collected worm castings from my Worm Bucket and started a batch of Worm Tea to fertilize my plants tomorrow. The Worm Bucket is working GREAT! No smell, no flies. I only put in a few food scraps at a time and cover them well with shredded paper.

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