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When we moved in, our main bathroom had a stupid pedestal sink with no counter space and no storage, and one night the basin just spontaneously cracked straight across. We chose a nice new sink and vanity at Lowe’s (for a literal tenth of the price of one we liked at the Kohler showroom) and, after much sweat and struggle, Dave got it all installed yesterday! I absolutely love it. It has two big functional soft-close drawers, with cut-outs where the plumbing goes, and look at that handy shelf for towels! And a big smooth genuine marble countertop.

I guess it sounds funny to get so excited about a new sink, but I’ve been a renter all my adult life so the idea that we can actually change something that large to suit ourselves is still novel and exciting! Dave installed a new shower-head, too, and it’s the best shower-head in the world. The hose is really flexible and the head attaches to the bracket with a big strong magnet, so it’s easy for me to grab it and put it back while seated on my shower seat. He disabled the water-saver so the water pressure is great, and it has a pause switch on the side so I can let it dangle while I shampoo without squirting water everywhere and wasting it.

Exciting times! Lololol

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