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Happy First Birthday to this dear little soul!

Omg so tired. I did not get the 12 hours of sleep that I needed. Poor Dave was in pain from his angioplasty and woke me up at 4am moaning and in need of Tylenol and water. Then I switched to the guest bedroom so he could moan as much as he needed but I never really slept soundly after that. Ugh.

We’ve been slumped on the couch together all day. He watched many episodes of some custom car show on Netflix while I listened to my audiobook through earbuds and sewed, and then we switched to the Bake Off.

I drafted a pattern for little overalls and got them all sewn up:

The little pocket is real! I’ll probably sew a little hanky to put in it. Next I’ll make a shortie pair for summer, and then maybe a bib-front jumper.

Only three hours till we can go back to bed…

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  1. Kathy

    That’s such a cute picture of the little one-year-old! Poor Dave. Hope he feels better soon and that you both catch up on sleep. Love to you!

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