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I cleared out some unwanted frozen food (why did Dave buy so much Costco ravioli when neither of us likes it? Lol) and drove it over to Henry’s house. So nice to see them! Weird weather today — warm, gray, and humid. Hope it rains soon.

Stopped at Burgerville on the way home for a seasonal Marianberry milkshake, yum.

Pretty tired so just drew, listened to my audiobook (The Devil in the White City), and sewed a long-sleeve t-shirt for the doll. Just need to hem the sleeves tomorrow and then I’ll post a pic.

We’ve been watching old seasons of Survivor at night for the past couple of months, and just finished up Tocantines a few days ago — great season! Taj, Steven, and JT, but also… Coach. Lol. DELUSIONAL. Anyway last night we started the next season, Samoa, but after a couple episodes I decided I simply cannot deal with Russell Hantz. Just.. Can. Not. Cope. So we switched to an old season of Bake Off (Briony! Rahul! Kim Joy!) and oh it was such a relief to see lovely English people being kind to each other.

We’ll start a different season of Survivor soon. I just need to find one that doesn’t have anyone truly unbearable in it.

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