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We got our veggie box and milk delivery today, from If you live in the Portland area, I recommend them highly! Last week they accidentally sent something on our “dislike” list, so this week they gave us some extra stuff to make up for it. Really generous. What does one do with tomatillos? Gotta do some recipe googling! I do enjoy a bit of randomness. We also got a huge head of romaine lettuce, three big bell peppers, a big ginger root, several big beautiful tomatoes, a lime, a couple lemons, a basket of blackberries, a bunch of beets, a bunch of chard, the aforementioned tomatillos, a few plums, and a few nectarines. And this is the smallest box they offer, the “Box For One”!

We just finished Project Hail Mary — had to read the final three chapters in one go. Dave is so sweet. He burst into tears when I read the final sentence, and who can blame him? *heart eyes*

Therapy session today. Suzanne is (rightly) concerned by how thin I am and is hooking me up with a colleague who is a therapist AND nutritionist. Maybe she can help me gain some weight back.

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  1. Kathy

    Good idea to enlist that help. I’m kinda surprised the other specialists hadn’t offered that to you, but Suzanne’s contact is probably better anyway.

    The produce box sounds SO good! We were doing Misfits Market for awhile and it was fun to get a box of surprises. It got us thinking outside our normal routine of meals.

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