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Just read the first chapter of The Martian to Dave for our bedtime story! Poor Mark Watney is, indeed, fucked. :D

Ooo we started watching 13 Lives tonight, the story of the cave rescue in Thailand. (Amazon Prime, sorry) We watched about a third so far (it’s long) and it’s really good. Excellent cinematography. You really feel the peril of those narrow underwater caves, ugh. We’re both a bit claustrophobic and it was mighty uncomfortable. Dave doesn’t remember the event, which is odd. He does remember the rescue of the Chilean miners.

We sat around for hours this afternoon just talking. Dave’s a big talker, but everything he says is interesting so it’s ok, hahahaha. Also I know he’s feeling better when he’s talkative so I love it when he is! Anyway he mentioned a British prog band called Caravan, which reminded me of the jazz standard so I went to YouTube to play it for him. The first one I found was Duke Ellington’s band, which was dry and boring, but then I searched for Benny Goodman and MAN it’s so good!

Benny is good, man.

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