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We finished watching Thirteen Lives tonight. Oh man it was good. Beautifully shot, great acting even from the extras, amazing set design, good writing, great storytelling. We were not surprised to find that it was directed by Ron Howard! Talent, talent, talent. The actors communicated so much simply with facial expressions and body language. Remarkable.

Humans can be so horrible to each other, but also so wonderful and kind and selfless.

I had to google what to do with the tomatillos we got in our produce box. Most recipes are for salsa, but I did find one person who makes them into quick pockles, same as I do with beets and cucumbers. Not ACTUALLY pickled (fermented) but merely brined and fridge-stable for a month or so. We love pickled things so that’s what I did. The brine is just 1:1 water and white vinegar with a spoonfull of salt. They’re brining now, and we’ll try them in salad tomorrow.

Trying to remember what I ate today… oh right I had a cardiology appointment this morning (a quick check-in). Just remembered that. Well yeah I guess I ate a little handful of homegrown strawberries this morning but then I didn’t eat again till dinnertime, when I had a Big Salad with lots of cheese. Dammit. That’s like 400 calories total all day, MAYBE. Sigh. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

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