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Drove Dave to his optometrist this morning because we thought they were going to dilate his pupils, but they didn’t so we just had a nice little drive together and stopped at the sporting goods store for new stainless steel water bottles. My ten year old plastic Britta sport bottle has become impossible to clean so it was time for a new one, and I already bought spiffy little GoPure pod filters to go in them, one for each of us. They work GREAT. The water tastes so clean and good.

Pretty tired today so I didn’t do much except a few chores and a lot of drawing. I ate: one Ensure, one bowl of strawberries and cream, and a big dish of steamed green beans and potatoes. And I’ll have a few spoonfuls of peanut butter before I go to sleep.

Lulu FaceTimed me a few times today so I could keep her company while she played. Lovely little soul.

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