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Mein Geburtstag!

Happy 53rd birthday to me!! I had a wonderful day. To begin with, Dave and I both woke up alive. Always a good start, and something we don’t take for granted.

All my friends and family texted me their good wishes — no phone calls! I have them well-trained :D

We tidied up the house a bit so we would seem civilized when Henry and the family came over. Dave’s wonderful mum taught him to do housework when he was a lad. He made the kitchen counters sparkle and did five loads of his laundry (I did one load of mine. He has A LOT of clothes)

Then I zipped down to the good Mexican place and got lunch for everyone. The family showed up and Lulu gave me a lovely collage that she’d made, with letters and numbers all around the edge. I asked her to read it to me, and apparently it says, “Happy Birthday Kaykay, I love you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day”. Sweet sweet child. And Freyja toddled around grinning and shoving things into her mouth, both edible and inedible. Lol.

After they left I had a good session of Garden Story on my Switch, then we watched an Only Connect and an episode of Survivor, and now it’s time for a chapter of The Martian and sleep. A most excellent birthday indeed! I ate an entire veggie burrito and a small dish of ice cream. I still weigh 99lbs.

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