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It was so brutally hot last night that I finally got around to attempting to sleep on the back deck, in the mosquito tent I bought for that purpose. I slept on Dave’s comfy lawn-recliner, and led my oxygen tube out the door so it reached me. It was SO GREAT to sleep outdoors! I’ve always loved to, but for many many years there was just no way to make it happen. The only problem was I got a bit cold at 6:30am and curled up small, which changed my center of gravity and made the lawn chair collapse! Lol! So I went indoors at that point, and slept for two more hours. Tonight I’ll make a more stable bed :D

It was so lovely to watch the stars and listen to the frogs and crickets. And I wasn’t lying there SWEATING and hoping to fall asleep before I can’t bear it and need to get up for yet another cold shower, which is how every night has been lately.

Felt great today (was a bit depressed yesterday). Baked a cherry cake for Dave, and then sat in the cool basement and played Garden Story on my switch.

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