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Mittwoch (nochmal)

I overdid it in the heat while setting up my outdoor bed and had a terrifying bout of SVT Heart rate 160 for a half-hour or more, disoriented, foggy brain, very low o2 sats. Ambulance, emergency room, me explaining that it’s not a heart attack and I just need adenosine, as per usual.

(Pretty funny that the EMTs kept asking if I was sure I wasn’t having chest pain, and I kept tellimg them no, it’s not a heart attack!)

The ER team rebooted my heart with adenosine (which is an utterly terrifying experience but the doc held my hand for comfort) and then I felt fine again. Dave followed us to the hospital because the EMTs told him I was having a massive heart attack (I wasn’t — they’re just not used to my particular brand of fucked-up heart and lungs) and by the time he got here I was fine. And oh so glad to see his sweet loving face!

Now they’re letting me go HOME!!! But we forgot to being my portable o2 concentrator so Dave just drove home to get it. And THEN i get to go home and sleep in my very own bed. Bullet dodged, yet again. *whew*

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