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Last night someone dear to me was fed misinformation about “electric radio waves”coming out of her phone and harming her. So I asked Dave, the electromagnetic radiation expert, to explain exactly why that is utter nonsense. I’ll paste the info here in case you, too, need to debunk such misinformation:

Dave says “All cell phones have to pass a government test called SAR (specific absorbtion rate.) They put a phone in a dummy hand next to a dummy head containing sensors which measure the heating power of radio waves. No cell phone that has ever been produced has failed the test. The safety standard is set so that it cannot possibly injure you at all. We design phones so radio waves go away from your head and the tiny fraction that go through your skin have absolutely no effect whatsoever. The standard is so rigid that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to damage you. There is NO IONIZING RADIATION in any cell phone ever. (Ionizing radiation is the “radiation” that causes cellular damage in living organisms.) The WORST a radio wave can do is warm you up slightly. The cell phone radio waves that reach you would be like having a heater 50 feet away from you, i.e. totally insignificant.”

Who comes up with this stuff? And why do they spread nonsense about things they don’t understand? It BURNS US UP. Read a book, people. You don’t need to be ignorant!

In other news, Queen Elizabeth II has just died and my sweet Royalist is grieving. She was a decent human and a good Queen. RIP.

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  1. Jerry Nicholson

    The humbug about the danger of radiation from cell phones has been going around since cell phones first came on the market. And how is the misinformation spread? Mostly from cell phone users now!

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