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Did I mention I tumbled off the front porch and hurt (bruised?cracked?) a rib? Yeah. So that’s hurting quite a lot today. Dave is still in terrible pain too. We are QUITE a pair! But hey we have each other and a big comfy reclining sofa to laze around and moan on.

We watched King Charles’s beautiful speech about him mum and family, etc. Really lovely and heartfelt and human. We both wept. That “flights of angels” quote gets me every time. *sniff*

Hmm yeah so I played Garden Story all day, and started drawing a big knotwork E for Em to color, and listened to the next Jane Casey novel in the Maeve Kerrigan series, “The Last Girl”. I’m enjoying the series so much! Very well-written and plotted.

We’re hoping that Henry can come over this weekend and help us with house stuff we can’t manage — making beds, emptying trash, carrying heavy things…

Tired and nauseated now. Goodnight :)

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  1. Kathy

    Good heavens! You handle it with good grace but ouchie!!!!

    Heal up quickly. Love to you.

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