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Samstag (evening)

Dave is such a wonderful companion. Even though we’ve both been feeling rotten and in pain for weeks, we still don’t quarrel and we still love being together. Don’t know if I mentioned it but when we finished Project Hail Mary, we started The Martian the very next night. We’ve had to miss a few nights of reading because one or the other of us just felt too crummy, but we’ve managed most nights and have finally gotten to “Rich Parnell is a steely-eyed missile man!”

I made a kick-ass spinach lasagna today. And played a lot of Bear and Breakfast. And we watched Peep Show, Digging for Britain, Only Connect, and Great Australian Bake Off. And Dave watched some of his awful shows while I played on my Switch and cooked. Lol. He likes some ghastly thing about property flippers in… Vegas? All the women have had terrible plastic surgery and the men are total dicks. But he finds it soothing so who am I to judge? That’s what they make earbuds for :D

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