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Samstag (morning)

Looks like the liothyronine was the cause of some of my current woes! After stopping it two days ago, I woke up this morning after a good sleep (no insomnia, no night sweats, nice slow awakening) and checked my stats: oxygen saturation 94%, heart rate 76 bpm in sinus rhythm! Those are better numbers than I’ve seen in literally weeks.

I was on the liothyronine to try to get my thyroid function back to normal in case that’s what’s causing my poor appetite and weight loss, but I’ll live as a 98lb skeleton if it means my heart and lungs have an easier time.

Both my GP and my palliative care nurse Adam say that people with serious cardio-pulmonary issues burn insane amounts of calories just staying alive, so that’s probably part of what’s going on. No matter how much I eat I’m just never going to be able to get enough calories to break even, let alone gain weight, which can explain why I’m not gaining even though I’m eating a lot more.

Plans for the day: Arise. Eat something, maybe oatmeal with the last of my homemade apple-pear butter. Cook something, maybe spinach lasagna. Maybe start organizing my sewing patterns so I don’t need to sift through the entire pile every time I want to make something, OR (more probably) play Bear and Breakfast all day while watching stupid tv with lovely Dave <3

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  1. Kathy

    Glad you are feeling so much better!

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