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Grocery store in the morning to get cornflakes for Dave and a few other things that Trader Joe’s doesn’t stock (tinned water chestnuts, cornmeal, allspice, pectin…) And then… lots of Bear and Breakfast, tv with Dave, and moaning about our aches and pains.

Oh, Mom played Bach for me over FaceTime again! We had a break for a couple months because it was just. too. hot. But now it’s cooling off, finally! I’m watching my weather app obsessively, hoping for rain, but there’s not much yet. Slight chance next Thursday, and a better chance the Tuesday after that. And then it will be October. Surely we’ll get lots of rain in October, right??

I was craving something sweet (rare for me) so I baked one cinnamon roll for my dinner. Dave hates cinnamon (and carrots, and celery, and cilantro, and coffee…) so I found a recipe for an Epic Single Cinnamon Roll! I reduced the sugar by quite a lot and it was *chef’s kiss* perfect. And huge. I could only eat half.

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