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I was awake for a little while around dawn but I fell back asleep and slept till 10am, which means I got around ten hours of sleep, maybe more. So I felt fairly splendid today and took care of some chores that had piled up. Took the kitchen scraps out to the compost bin, did several days’ worth of washing-up (so much cuter than “doing the dishes”), put away my clean laundry, watered the garden, harvested more tomatoes, and put away our produce delivery. Excellent selection again: lettuce, zucchini, potatoes, apples, nectarines, green beans, garlic, corn, apples. We have so many cherry tomatoes hanging around that I popped some in a very low oven to start dehydrating. Will finish them tomorrow as they’re not quite dry enough yet but I don’t want them to go all night unsupervised.

And then I was worn out and played “Bear and Breakfast” and “Trainyard 2” (an iPad game, which I’ve been playing for MONTHS. Really enjoyable).

Rather warm again today — 84° I think — which is fine but I want rain. Please, rain, come back to Portland, we miss you.

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