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Felt pretty good again today! Still not really gaining weight (99.4 lbs today) but eating much better. My stomach doesn’t complain so much, and I can eat a little more at every meal. I finished off my spinach lasagna today. Damn it was good. Gotta make it more often.

This morning I whipped up a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough and froze it in ready-to-bake lumps, so we can bake a few cookies when we want them. And of course I baked a few right away so we could test them :D They’re a little salty, which I like, but Dave isn’t a salt fiend like I am. I think I may have used a whole cup of salted butter. Oops!

I spent the afternoon watching the new Netflix miniseries about Jeffery Dahmer. I’m exactly halfway through and it’s really really good. They never try to make me feel sympathy towards him, which is as it should be. It’s so interesting! What causes a mind to twist so thoroughly? Many factors, obviously. Fascinating stuff.

Ribs still hurt but a little less, so I can get up off the sofa without screaming. Dave’s the same — a little better every day. He was able to sit upright for hours and hours today, in zoom work meetings. God he’s adorable. I love that man <3

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