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A good day! Rib pain tolerable, and I can blow my nose without screaming. Sneezing/coughing still makes me scream but it’s getting a little better every day. Dave too! He has had to sleep on our reclining sofa for weeks because he couldn’t get in/out of bed, but tonight he’s trying the bed again! Yay!

Cardiology appointment this afternoon went well. I explained how I deduced that the liothyronine was causing the worsened heart rhythm etc and she agreed and said stopping that drug was totally the correct thing to do. She seemed really proud of me for figuring it out on my own! She took a listen and said my heart sounded strong and steady (relatively speaking of course), and it sounded good enough that I didn’t need an ekg. My current labs look good too, and there’s nothing to indicate that my recent SVT was caused by anything other than the liothyronine. But of course I’ve had SVT and A-fib many many times before the liothyronine, and she said it will probably happen more often as I age. Ugh. So, I keep my go-bag packed, and Henry and Dave have orders to tell the EMTs and ER docs that A) it’s not a heart attack and B) don’t pump me full of fluids and C) don’t try to get my oxygen saturation up to 100% cause that ain’t happening and it’s dangerous to try.

I stopped at New Seasons (excellent co-op style natural foods grocery store) for cottage cheese, onions, and dill. I discovered they carry double-cream, full-fat, all-natural, cultured cottage cheese! I love cottage cheese and have been eating a lot for the protein, so I bought four tubs.

Then home, couch, resting, video games, Dahmer, and brand-new Survivor with Dave, then I read him a chapter of The Martian and now it’s sleep time.

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  1. Kathy

    That cottage cheese sounds amazing. In my young years, cottage cheese was always a diet food, so I’d buy the lowfat kind. It was sort of acceptable. Imagining it in double cream format where the point is to enjoy a wonderful cheese, now that sounds great! I’m going to keep a lookout for that.

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