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I’ve been fighting with my phone today… for several weeks it has been informing texters that I have notifications turned off, when I don’t have notifications turned off and indeed am getting notified properly. So I googled that issue and found some possible solutions, which I tried, with the result that my phone no longer notifies me of texts but doesn’t tell texters that I have notifications turned off. Which is true — I don’t have notifications turned off, but I get no notifications anyway. Sigh. So, if you text me I won’t know it until I actually check my messages app. Triple sigh and an audible eyeroll. ANYWAY. First world problems, right?

Bad sleep, tired all day. Made my famous cheesy potato-carrot soup and sat on the couch eating bowlful after bowlful which finishing “Dahmer” on Netflix. So good, and so infuriating. It’s really a story about systemic racism: Dahmer wasn’t caught sooner because his victims were predominantly young Black and brown gay men (and who cares about them right?), and the neighbor who called the cops over and over and over again, reporting that she smelled rotting flesh and heard power tools and screams, was a Black woman who was also ignored. STOP BEING RACIST, EVERYONE. Just stop it. It’s not hard to simply not be a fucking racist. Try it sometime.

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