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Rough night last night — my Remodulin pump woke me up claiming there was a blockage, which is always a lie and can be fixed by removing and replacing the battery, but that means I need to wake up enough to find a coin to unscrew the battery cover. And then around dawn I had a fun-filled Sudden Bathroom Emergency. I managed to get back to sleep both times and slept till 11, thank goodness, but I was a bit sluggish today nonetheless.

I’m eating my nightime bowl of cottage cheese while I write this. The lovely double-cream stuff I told you about a few days ago is incredibly good but just a bit dry in texture, so I always add a splash of heavy cream. But I still weigh 98lbs, arghhhhhhh.

Here we are baking muffins yesterday *heart eyes*

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  1. Kathy

    Cream in double cream. Lap it up! And lap up that cute grandchild!

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