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Why. Am. I. So. Tired.

It’s just crushing. Every day. I can barely function. Not sleepy, just physically exhausted. I wake up exhausted. Am I depressed? Am I sleep-deprived? Am I anxious? Is my heart failure worse? Is my thyroid kicking up a fuss? Have I just had a string of random Tired Days? Do I have a new Mystery Illness? Ugh.

Today I had to go to the store and do the dishes. And then I scraped up enough wherewithal to make a spinach lasagna. And then I just pretty much went back to bed.

The house cleaners are coming on Friday which means tomorrow we need to declutter as much as possible, so that will be that, most likely, unless I miraculously wake up feeling well-rested. I have the components to sew a little red gingham apron, trimmed with white rick-rack, for Lulu’s fifth birthday present — if I can find the stamina.

There is so much I want to do. This is beyond frustrating.

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