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Slept much better and till 9:30 am so that made the day much much better! I set up my Switch in the living room so I could play Dorfromantik on the big screen and show Dave. I’ve only played classic mode so far. Maybe I’ll try a different mode tomorrow.

This afternoon we watched the wonderful Bettany Hughes explore Egypt down the Nile on Excellent.

My health is so frustrating right now. Besides being an absolute skeleton, I’ve had more severe PAH symptoms for the past couple weeks. Like, I can’t walk from room to room without stopping to catch my breath, even on supplemental oxygen, and when I read to Dave at night I need to stop for frequent breathers. Ugh. Tomorrow I plan to start up my pulmonary rehab exercises again — I had to put them on hold while we had a few months of brutal summer temperatures and then my bruised/cracked rib happened. Still hurts but I think I can do most of the exercises anyway. Maybe they’ll help my breathlessness.

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  1. Judith

    Hello Kara, I am happy that you are there, I only found you again through Ravelry. Typing your website gives me only a Moo. I love to read your daily updates and read about your health and how happy you are in Oregon. Best wishes from Judith

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