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I did my darn exercises today. I HATE doing my darn exercises. But my doctor says they might help, so…

We just finished watching yesterday’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing. Ranger Hamza did ok, not as well as last week but not at the bottom of the pack either. Come on, Hamza! You can do it! I definitely have a weakness for cuddly men, and he has the sweetest smile :D

I got my sewing patterns sorted out and organized! I had them just sort of jammed into three binders — baby, kid, and adult — but now they’re in nice big envelopes by type. So, all the baby pants are in one envelope with sizes noted, and all the girls’ sundresses are together, etc. It’s going to be so much easier to find what I’m looking for and to avoid tracing off a size that I already have. This was the first step toward Wrangling My Sewing Room Into Shape. Next, when I have the stamina, I’ll pick up the fabric off the floor and tidy up the surfaces. Need to make the room habitable ’cause Mom is coming next week and it’s also the guest room.

Hot again but only 80s. No rain in predicted in the near future. Argh.

We got a red cabbage in our veg box last week so tonight I made German-style Rotkohl (red cabbage). Onion, red cabbage, diced green apple, pinch of cloves, dash of red wine vinegar, spoonful of homemade peach jam, all cooked together till soft. Yummy! Dave ate a big scoop with his chicken and potatoes dinner and said it was GREAT. I wish I enjoyed eating as much as I enjoy cooking.

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