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I cleaned the sewing/guest room so it’s nice for Mom! And as a by product, it’s now nice for ME to be in there. I drafted a collared blouse pattern for Lulu’s Christmas doll, cut it out, and got about 3/4 of the construction done. Felt good to sew again.

Had a bout of nasty nausea right when we went to bed so Dave read to me for a change! He did the whole next chapter of Artemis. Jazz has sabotaged three of the harvesters but had to flee back to town before she did the fourth. That scene was so cool, with the harvester cameras watching her and trying to thwart her! It would be such a great action-filled movie scene.

Dave is out-of-practice at reading out loud and his eyes are pretty bad, so he stumbled a bit, but he reads with just the right amount of expression and great pacing. I enjoyed it so much. I hope he’ll take a turn reading again sometime soon. My phone reads to me all day, every day — the Libby app for library audiobooks and my Scribd subscription for stuff I can’t find at the library. And Librivox of course! But there’s no substitute for being read to by a real live person in the very same room.

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